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DIY summer wrap up shirt

Summer DIY: Wrap yourself up in that awesome colorful shirt

Let’s be honest- sewing and DIY is not easy for everyone. When I’ve started to work with needle& thread, most of the time it ended with a swearing session and sulking over “the world”.  But hey, it’s absolutely not a reason to give up – Rome wasn’t built in a day. The key to success is to start with something really basic, something you cannot f*ck up so easily. 

This is why I will show you today how to make a stress- free, easiest-in-the-world summer wrap up shirt which looks GOOD!

10 steps to make your  DIY summer shirt

#1 Prepare the equipment

If it’s your first adventure with a sewing machine, choose “easy fabrics” – no satin, more something cotton (I bought mine in IKEA, 100% of their cotton comes from BCI – not so bad to start with).  For the wrap shirt you will need:

  • sewing machine (yeah..you can do it manually if you have really a lot of time)
  • 2 types of fabric (or one, whatever floats your boat)- for the shirt and the belt
  • thread in the colour of your fabric
  • chalk/ pencil or anything to mark the cutting points
  • tape measure, scissors, pins

**optional: glass of your favourite alcohol. It just helps to control the stress level when something goes wrong with your DIY project 😉  

Wrap up- what you need

#2 Measure yourself & the fabric

Measure your circumference somewhere between waist&hips (it depends on when you wanna your shirt to end). Then, divide this measurement by 2, so you know how wide the shirt should be.  Add 3 cm on both sides (we need some fabric overlap on the sides). For me, it was 90/2 + 3×2 = 51cm. This is the width of your shirt (wait with cutting the fabric). 

Length: basically, whatever you want. I picked 60 cm, but it also depends on how tall you are. Multiply it by 2 – front and back length.

For me, the dimensions of the shirt will be 51cm x 120cm ——>NOW: Add 3 cm seam allowance to each side, so that the width is 57cm and the length is 126 cm.  Later on, you can experiment with seam allowance size, but for the beginning – the bigger, the better (that’s what she said). Mark the measurements on your fabric with a chalk*** (as you see below) and cut the fabric.

***Remember to work on the “wrong side” of the material (pic below). This rule applies to most of the DIY sewing projects.  

P. 2

#3 Fold the material and cut it

Fold the material in half. Secure the position of the fabric with pins. In the middle of the folding line draw a vertical line as long as you want your neckline to be – for me it is 8 cm. Draw the neckline (again- it’s up to you if you want more scoop or boat neckline).

 BEFORE YOU CUT: leave around 2 cm seam allowance on your neckline and secure the fabric from moving with pins. Ekhm…at this point, it’s also recommendable to taste your drink 😉 

Neckline + seam allowance should look like this: 

#4 Deal with seam allowance

It’s time to fold the seam allowance fabric. Wrap it twice, each time c.a 1 cm. Iron the folded fabric, and secure it from unfolding with pins. P.4

#5 Fold it up

Folding the fabric on the neckline is a bit tricky, because of curves.  It’s the moment when you can use the “F” word. Try to chill though & take a sip of your drink.

Lil’ tip: cut the fabric slightly (1cm) before folding it ( as you can see on the pic below)  & fold the b*tch twice as good as you can (does not have to be perfect). Use pins to keep it still.

Voilà! That’s how the neckline should look shortly before sewing 🙂 Pins should be attached like on the photo below, as it enables you to sew through them later on without destroying the needle. 

#6 Cut the fabric for the belt

Cutting the fabric for the belt is as easy as finding a date on Tinder on Saturday night. Just cut the 150cm x 14 cm piece of fabric, draw a line marking the 1 cm seam allowance, wrap the fabric in half (on the “wrong side” of course) and use pins to keep it folded.

#7 Finally, SEWING TIME!

From now on, everything should go smoothly and quickly…Sew the fabric you folded before, leaving about 0.2 cm from the fabric edge. The Internet offers billions of sewing, DIY lessons, so I will skip this part. Just remember to backstitch otherwise, the stitch will crack soon.

#8 Prepare the neckline

Sewing a neckline is – again, a bit confusing! Just do it very, very slowly.  I even prepared some lil’ tutorial to show you how to deal with it 😉

#9 Wrap it with the belt

Sewing the belt is super easy. Just sew a straight line like you see on the picture below (remember about backstitch of course).

Now we have to turn the belt on the right side. I am using a long wooden kitchen spoon for that…but there are countless techniques- choose the one you like the most. I know…it looks a bit like from sexual education lesson- hilarious!

After turning the belt on the proper side, just sew manually the ends that haven’t been sewed.

#10  You are done! 

That’s all! Now you can wear your wrap up shirt with pride because F*CK YEAH- YOU DID IT ALL BY YOUR OWN! <3

If you tried this DIY tutorial, don’t forget to share your experience below!

Other DIY projects COMING SOON <3

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