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DIY tote bag Ikea

How to make a perfect DIY autumn tote bag?

Whenever autumn is coming, I start to feel the urge of having a bigger, more capacious bag. You know, something to fit an extra sweater or an umbrella for when the weather decides to be a b*tch. This year, I’ve decided to sew one on my own…and trust me – this DIY is easier than you’ve expected.

It’s not a kind of bag that you take on the Academy show…let’s leave those designs to haute couture. It’s an everyday bag. The ultimate one. The I-have-to-pack-half-of-my-house bag. The ur-my-best-friend bag.

tote bag ikea handmade

Self-made tote – Let’s start with the basics

Picking the right fabric is one of the most important factors if you want to keep it nice and sustainably. Ideally, you can reuse an old material, to make your accessory 100% environmentally friendly. Today – as most of the times, I used IKEA textiles because of their commitment to use only sustainable cotton. In my humble opinion, they are just the best for the beginners and have lovely prints (also wallet-friendly).

The sewing: I will not lie – initially, I had no idea how to make a tote; however, I’ve found a perfect tutorial where the whole process is explained really well. It is not the easiest pattern possible (it has the fabric 50:50 twist), but it’s really easy to follow. You can check this lovely video here, where Lucy demonstrates step-by-step how to make a perfect tote bag (I am giving her all the credits for this design).

It took me around 3 hours to make this bag. However, I am kinda slow with planning and measuring, so don’t be demotivated.

Big tote bag

Voilà, it’s this simple!

Side note: Remember, sustainability does not end with the creation process. Take good care of your bag, do not wash it too often so that it lasts for a couple of seasons.

Good luck xoxo

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