Home Fashion Theory Is “must have” the most cliche catchphrase in the fashion world?
Is “must have” the most cliche catchphrase in the fashion world?

Is “must have” the most cliche catchphrase in the fashion world?

Dear Fashion Influencer,

Please, don’t tell me I must have these new ugly sneakers, nail piercing or 90s choker just because you say it’s hip at the moment. If you want me to spend money on this stylish-this-week product, at least take minimum effort to convince me to it (no, the fact that Bella is wearing it is not a valid argument). At least buy me a dinner first!

Just today scrolling through my Feedly RSS, I’ve seen at least 10 headlines shouting „must have”, „should buy” or „every woman need” <<my absolute fav—>15 Travel Outfits Every Power Woman Owns oh so I guess Angela is not so powerful after all?>>. Does it mean, that we really need all those things? If yes, the game “3 things you would take to a desert island” should definitely expand to at least 1000 items.

Selling trends have never been easier

It seems like pitching new trends has never been easier for the fashion industry, as the recipe seems pretty standard:
1. Take a product
2. Pay $$ celebrity/Instagrammer to wear it & post it on Insta
3. Say in numerous media coverage that people MUST/Should own it
4. Repeat with a different product in 2 weeks when trend from above is dead.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that promoting products by selling someone’s lifestyle is cool. Promising added values/ dreams/ lifestyles is all what branding is about. However, fashion industry went a step further towards lazy advertising – they created the cliche term must have which can easily apply to every product on the planet. You would say there are several reasonable things we must have…oxygen, water, good running shoes…but the scale of this phenomena got out of control. We basically should crave everything that is new, for every occasion, always.

Minitrends are popping up like crazy, each with the lifecycle of the butterfly. For now, telling consumers that they „have to” or „need to own” surprisingly works. Yet, I hope that soon the time will come, when we start to ask a simple as it is question „Why should I?” for this lousy advertising.

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